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Tungsten (W) Copper (Cu) Alloys are easily machinable, known for high arc resistance, high performance under vacuum, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion. They have a wide variety of applications, including heat sinks and spreaders for passive cooling of electronics, electronic packaging materials, and IGBT modules for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Midwest Tungsten Service Tungsten Copper Alloys



80W20CuStandard: ASTM B702 Class E, RWMA Class 12

75W25Cu: Standard: ASTM B702 Class D, RWMA Class 11

70W30Cu: Standard: ASTM B702 Class C, RWMA Class 10

68W32Cu: Standard: ASTM B702 Class C, RWMA Class 10

55W45Cu: RWMA Class 10