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Tungsten rod, tungsten wire, and tungsten sheet manufactured to exacting standards by an experienced team. Starting from high-purity tungsten powder we press and sinter into ingots that are further processed into their final products. Our rods, wire, and sheet are perfect for use in high-temperature products, processes, and industries including lighting, electronics, furnaces, aerospace, medical devices, research and development, and universities.

Large diameter centerless ground rods or thin diameter straightened rods cut from wire available. We stock an extensive range of diameters ready for immediate shipment. We have pure tungsten cleaned and straightened fine wire in package sizes from 25 feet to 500 meters conforming to ASTM F288-96, Type 1A. Tungsten wire is commonly used in thermionic emitters, vacuum heating elements, corona generation, LEEP and LEED electrodes, medical devices, and filaments. Tungsten sheet is available in standard sizes or custom cut lengths.